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Let me show you some dragons I made recently.

Below is the beginning half of instruction video for making a dragon.
I used a blue origami paper to create Sky Dragon.
Finished shape is shown above.
Mother says she is going to input English subtitle on the video over the weekend!

The latter half will be uploaded sometime next week.

Here’s the second half of instruction video!
Mother is still working on English subtitle :-(

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Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex)

T-Rex Origami, easy version

Kids love Tyrannosaurus!
Because it’s strong and looks like a king of dinosaurs.

Let me introduce easy way to create T-Rex. The point is to balance it well so it stands itself.


Herd of Pachycephalosaurus

Skull is the most significant characteristics of Pachycephalosaurs.
Maybe they were head-butting to fight each other.

Let me introduce a herd of Pachycephalosaurus. Red, green, blue origami paper I used. Make the skull stands out – it’s important.