Hi, I’m Takeru. A 10-year-old boy living in Tokyo, Japan.

About My Name

My name is composed with two Kanji characters, one of them was given from my grandfather.
I like my name because it sounds strong and masculine.

I heard that my name can be read as “Hotaka” as well.
“Hotaka” is a name of mountain which locates at the center of Japan. (Check out the map of Japan!)
It’s kind of nice to have two meanings in my name.
There are many skiing resorts and “onsen” hot springs near Mt. Hotaka.

Maybe my mother take me to the mountain if I tell her,
“there are many good spa resorts in the area.” ;-)

Age, Hobbies, etc.

I was born in the year 2000. 10 years old, 4th grader.

I love creating shapes such as dinosaurs and insects with origami, and clay.
I also love playing piano, calligraphy, and Judo.

Mom says I started Origami when I was three.
Origami always amazed me because just one piece of paper can be transformed to so many different shapes!

I want to share with you my way to create lots of shapes with origami. Please try!